Beginning of the Semester Idea: Glogging

With the beginning of the semester underway, I thought about web 2.0 tools that could be relevant to your teaching. Have you thought about using Glogster and having your and your students glog? Glog is hybrid term for graphics blog. Used as advertised through, it is a social network that has its community members create interactive posters. Users can incorporate text, images, photos, audio, videos, special effects and other elements. Glogster EDU can be used by educators and students. The way that you might use glogster in your courses is left solely to your imagination. Does your department have a new course they are piloting? Glog it. Are you trying to ramp up enrollment for your course? Glog it. How about building classroom community? Instead of the typical introductions that we often do the first day of class why not have students upload a glogster to blackboard and students can get to know everyone before class starts. Teaching online in the RN program or piloting an online course? What a perfect interactive way to have students get to know each other than through an uploaded video or asynchronous thread. Students and teachers can be provocative, creative, and use multiple genres (text, videos, audio, images) to represent themselves to the online classroom community. This visual, audio representation of you and your classmates can really enhance the online and face to face classroom community.

Beyond advertising your course and developing classroom community, there are content uses for glogster as well. In my literature course, students have created book trailers and embedded those videos into glogster to create a book poster to promote reading of the texts for their future K-12 students. Certainly it could be used in other subject areas in different ways. Students could create an interactive historical event glogster, a biography glogster, a scientific procedure glogster, etc. Students can also glog as a multi-genre writing project as well. The possibilities are endless and with your imagination and commitment, can be used in multiple ways. Get out and play—get to glogging! The sample glogsters provided in this blog are from my students in GRDG 670 which is a literature course. They had to do glogsters for the books in their literature circles.

I’m posting the web addresses as wordpress doesnt embed the glogs since these were created on If you use, it’s more user friendly and easier to embed.



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